Chief Editor of the web-page, the director of the Margel Institute:
Alen Budaj

Web-designer of the web-page, web-programmer, animator of the introductory animated scene, illustrator and web-administrator:
Boris Dundović
from the Graphical Studio Vjetrovito

Music on the cover of the introductory animated scene:
"Remembering" by Marvin Hamlisch
from soundtrack of the movie „The Way We Were“ (Director: Sydney Pollack), Columbia, 1974

Photographies from the promotion of the book Magnissimum Crimen by author Salamon Jazbec, taken by:
Nenad Jovanović
By courtesy of Nenad Jovanović, chief editor of the weekly „Novosti“, Zagreb

English translation:
Salamon Jazbec
secretary general of the Margel Institute


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