April 7th 2008, Monday
Happy Pesah!

To all the Jews in Croatia, I wish you to spend this great holiday, a holiday of liberation, hope and salvation in peace and joy and to share that joy with your family, friends and all people of good will.

Happy Pesah!

Alen Budaj, Director and Founder



September 22nd 2008, Monday
Mazel tov!

A daughter by name Shira Penina Zuroff was born to Elchanan Zuroff - the son of our dearest friend and associate dr. Effie Zuroff from Jerusalem - and to Elchanan's wife Talya. At the time of her birth little Shira had a weight of 3 kg and 415 g. To young mother and father we heartily congratulate and wish an opulence of blessings for the health and hapiness of the child. To the proud grandfather Efraim and grandmother Elisheva congratulations too. Mazel Tov!


September 15th 2008, Monday
The Position of Serbs in Croatia

Twenty two of Croatian academics have supported the open letter of Serbian Democratic Forum (SDF) about the hard position of Serbian national minority in Croatia. The study about Serbian position in Croatia has been made. The letter of support has been signed by respectable members of Croatian Jewish society (publicists: Zora Dirnbach, Alen Budaj and Salamon Jazbec).

Click here to read the study in Croatian/Serbian!


August 21st 2008, Thursday
Francetić and Franco

The Margel Institute gave an official announcement on several recent pro-Ustashi events.

The Institute condemns the lack of will of the local police and the State Attorney to report and punish the newest placement of a monument to the notorious Ustashi war criminal Jure Francetić in the Croatian town of Slunj, and the lack of will of the local police to stop the salutation with the official Ustashi salute “Za Dom – Spremni!” (Ready for Homeland!), shouted during concerts of the Croatian singer Marko Perković a.k.a. Thompson.

The Margel Institute also warns the authorities that in the Republic of Croatia there are still streets named after the Ustashi war criminal doglavnik Mile Budak, the co-signer of the race laws during the Pavelić reign in the quisling Independent State of Croatia. One of those streets is placed in Virovitica, but there is also one in Pleternica, one in Slavonski Brod and in several other Croatian towns and rural communities.

These facts shows that without the de-Ustashization laws – made according to the German de-Nazification model – we will probably not be able to stop such behavior, events, incidents and processes inside the Croatian society.


August 7th 2008, Thursday
In memoriam

Eva Grlić born Izrael 

(Sashalom near Budapest, 1920 – Zagreb, July 31st 2008) 

Croatian journalist and writer, the author of books „Sjećanja“ (i.e. Remembering), published in 1998, and „Putnik za Krakow i druge priče” (i.e. A Passenger on His Voyage to Cracow and Other Stories), published in 2002. In her youth she resided in Sarajevo, and from 1938 in Zagreb. During WWII Eva Grlić was a partisan. Almost all of her family parished in Holocaust under Ustashi regime in the quisling Independent State of Croatia, among them her husband Rudolf Domany, her father Oskar Ješua Izrael and lot of other relatives from Zagreb and Sarajevo. After the War she was writing for the daily “Vjesnik”, Zagreb. Her second husband was the philosopher Danko Grlić. 


August 2nd 2008, Saturday

On July 24th 2008 the Margel Institute from Zagreb (represented by its director Alen Budaj), together with the Young Anti-Fascists from Zagreb (represented by its president Mario Šimunković) and the Union of Serbs in the Republic of Croatia (represented by its president Prof. Dr. Svetozar Livada), reported Marko Perković a.k.a. Thompson to the State Attorney in Zagreb, because Thompson used the official Ustashi salute “Za Dom – Spremni!” during his concert at the main square in Zagreb, held on May 30th 2008.